Monday, June 15, 2009

Where Did the Dads Go?

I look around this world and am amazed at how many dad's have removed themselves from the structuring and raising of our children these days. Many dads feel that if they provide for their families that that is good enough. Many miss the fact that children need their dads just as much as they need a mother. It saddens me when I see young children whose fathers are more consumed with work, golf, yard work, etc...anything that gets them out of having a relationship with their children. Men...your children are not a burden. They are an image of you and deserve more than a few minutes at bathtime and bedtime. They need molding, shaping, direction and love and they need it constantly. Our society as a whole is diminishing because of this. Step up and be A MAN. A real man sacrifices every avenue of his life so that his family may prosper. That means pushing off the fifth golf outing of this month so that you can take your son to the zoo or so you can play a game with your daughter. That means going to bed early on a Friday night so that you can spend your entire Saturday catching bugs outside or just sitting and talking. Your life will be so full of reward if you take the time to get to know your children and to foster the growth in their lives. Once you have reconnected with your children you can then start applying practical Christian living to their lives. I say that you need to connect with them first because a child's view of you is how they will view God. Take the time because God takes the time for you. Don't miss another day!

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