Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Journey Worth Taking

In the simplest words, the journey to find Jesus Christ and grow in our Christian faith is a journey worth taking. If a person can imagine the most beautiful vacation spot that they have ever laid their eyes on and then multiplied that by thousands (millions)...that's what the journey will be like. But one must know that the journey isn't always going to be clear sailing. Remember that we are all still human and carnal in nature. Our dream vacation of the Garden of Eden was ruined long ago when the fall of man happened. Now our world is corrupted by evil in every aspect of our lives. You can't even get out the front door without some form of evil trying to manipulate our ways and our attitudes. But Jesus Christ will fight for us and will battle with us so that we can be drawn closer to Him. That's the journey. The journey to find truth, to find peace, to find love, to find ourselves, and to find Jesus Christ. Patience will be a key ingredient to your journey. The Lord works on all of us in very different ways. Your ways may not be mine and we need to remember this and be cautious in how we react to each others trials, tribulations and triumphs. The journey will have ups and downs, times when we feel the Holy Spirit active in every aspect of our lives and times when we will feel that our soul and our spiritual walk has gone dormant. Persist, my friend, and know that the Lord won't always respond in a moments notice...but He will respond. Finally, on any journey it's much safer to enlist a group of friends to go along than go on the trek alone. Everyone needs support and there's none better than the Christian kind. Find anybody that can support your Christian walk because the enemy will do all that it can to make sure you are isolated and are left to figure everything out on your own...and belive me, your mind will play tricks on you and convince you of things that you don't always agree with.

The journey is worth taking and will lead to an everlasting life. I'm excited for that journey and the challenge that may come with it because Jesus Christ will be with me every step I take.

May the Lord bless you and strengthen you in the journey you are willing to take. May the Lord light your path and protect you and lead you to His throne.

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